Tuesday, June 2, 2015


 We've been trying to enjoy some outdoors time away from the house each day in the wilderness. Disconnected from toys, screens, and housework. We last a few hours before feeding time, potty breaks, and hunger set in and we retreat home to the bathtub. It is fun to look around and discuss what has changed since the our last visit. Here is a little glimpse of what these squirts have been up to.

This was an interesting stick structure we found. I was somewhat afraid we were going to see someone snoozing in it on the other side.
Checking out the current and how green the area is compared to our last visit.

We found 4 snails and brought them home with us. 1 perished under the footstep of a little man. We've named them Goopy, Delish, and Seesaw. The kids even learned about Escargot!


Lauren and Miles threw rocks in the water for quite some time. I kept catching Lauren say, "Oh, that is an old rock!" I had no idea what she was talking about so I asked her. She told me that the width of the ripple when it splashed in the water told how old the rock was. I guess rocks and trees have rings that gave away their age.

Delish on the move

Don't want to leave this one out!

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  1. what an amazing adventure. When you are down here in a few days we will have to do the same.