Sunday, March 29, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

 This was our first year partaking in Emmetsburg's St. Patrick's Day festivities as Iowa residents. Last year we missed them due to a birthday party. 

Our morning started off with the fun walk/run; 1.7 miles. Lauren did her fair share of walking and running. 
We walked with our other Rouse relatives. Wyatt, Lauren, and Miles.
 Lauren requested taking a pic of Kyle and I. Apparently Ike thought his hat and my shades were pretty cool.
 The weather was PERFECT!! About 70 degrees. The kids enjoyed the 2 hour parade.
 Poor Miles didn't get his afternoon nap and was running on fumes near the end. Here he is jumping like a frog.
 We let Ike try a baby food pouch. We've tried multiple times to spoon-feed and he is not interested. I highly doubt much went in his mouth but we tried yet again. We've found slices of fruit to be the best fit. He wants to feed himself but gets distracted by utensils and the pouch in this case. I guess the adage, "Food before 1 is just for fun!" is true.
 Lauren got a warhead candy in her parade loot. She wasn't impressed.
 Miles sprayed water on himself and then shook his head...he was really tired!!
Such a fun holiday in our town!

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