Saturday, March 21, 2015

Catching Up!

 We've been busy- exploring outside, working hard, and chasing littles around! I am going to try and upload now and then but figured it wasn't worth the pressure of posting pictures on here everyday as long as I take an active effort to photograph the kids frequently!

On one of the nice days, we went to Basswood and explored outside.

Kyle graciously explained the life cycle to the children.
They walked this way for a good chunk of the trail.
 I just love these Spring days. The nicest part of the day is generally from 4-6pm, right when we get home from school/work. Lots of shadows!
 Miles was impressed with the tall trees.
Reminded me of this picture of Lauren about that age.

They've grown!
 He was calling for owls.
 Getting a big tired.
 This tree screamed "climb me" to Lauren. She climbed first and then Kyle had his turn.
 She would have kept going if I hadn't told her that was too high.
 Definitely doesn't have my sense of adventure in her!
 The first mount.
 Ike did a whole lot of this!
 Peaceful, nice day!

 Fall 2014
Spring 2015
 We only ran into one other family...Lauren's classmate!

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