Saturday, June 6, 2015

Adventures #2

 Adventures every day generally result in naps in the rocking chair
 Miles told me to take a picture of him like this.
 Shortly after....still working on the whole sharing concept.
 Emmet Co. Nature Center
 Peterson, IA park
 Snake skin found on the trail...yuck!
 I can't wait to explore Emmet Co. Nature Center more.
 They weren't feeling it this day. We generally go out in the morning and opted for the afternoon this time. They were tired, bugs were out, and Ike had pooped his diaper and I didn't have a spare.
 First frame house in Clay Co. Really cool on the inside. Lauren can give you a tour if you want, she soaked in every piece of information the tour guide gave us.
 These two crack me up. I could spend all day outside with them. Such beautiful weather.
 This lad is so stinkin' cute!
Kyle was ready for lunch and wanting to leave, kids were not on the same page so he had to make a game of it. They thought it was pretty funny.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


 We've been trying to enjoy some outdoors time away from the house each day in the wilderness. Disconnected from toys, screens, and housework. We last a few hours before feeding time, potty breaks, and hunger set in and we retreat home to the bathtub. It is fun to look around and discuss what has changed since the our last visit. Here is a little glimpse of what these squirts have been up to.

This was an interesting stick structure we found. I was somewhat afraid we were going to see someone snoozing in it on the other side.
Checking out the current and how green the area is compared to our last visit.

We found 4 snails and brought them home with us. 1 perished under the footstep of a little man. We've named them Goopy, Delish, and Seesaw. The kids even learned about Escargot!


Lauren and Miles threw rocks in the water for quite some time. I kept catching Lauren say, "Oh, that is an old rock!" I had no idea what she was talking about so I asked her. She told me that the width of the ripple when it splashed in the water told how old the rock was. I guess rocks and trees have rings that gave away their age.

Delish on the move

Don't want to leave this one out!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

 This was our first year partaking in Emmetsburg's St. Patrick's Day festivities as Iowa residents. Last year we missed them due to a birthday party. 

Our morning started off with the fun walk/run; 1.7 miles. Lauren did her fair share of walking and running. 
We walked with our other Rouse relatives. Wyatt, Lauren, and Miles.
 Lauren requested taking a pic of Kyle and I. Apparently Ike thought his hat and my shades were pretty cool.
 The weather was PERFECT!! About 70 degrees. The kids enjoyed the 2 hour parade.
 Poor Miles didn't get his afternoon nap and was running on fumes near the end. Here he is jumping like a frog.
 We let Ike try a baby food pouch. We've tried multiple times to spoon-feed and he is not interested. I highly doubt much went in his mouth but we tried yet again. We've found slices of fruit to be the best fit. He wants to feed himself but gets distracted by utensils and the pouch in this case. I guess the adage, "Food before 1 is just for fun!" is true.
 Lauren got a warhead candy in her parade loot. She wasn't impressed.
 Miles sprayed water on himself and then shook his head...he was really tired!!
Such a fun holiday in our town!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Catching Up!

 We've been busy- exploring outside, working hard, and chasing littles around! I am going to try and upload now and then but figured it wasn't worth the pressure of posting pictures on here everyday as long as I take an active effort to photograph the kids frequently!

On one of the nice days, we went to Basswood and explored outside.

Kyle graciously explained the life cycle to the children.
They walked this way for a good chunk of the trail.
 I just love these Spring days. The nicest part of the day is generally from 4-6pm, right when we get home from school/work. Lots of shadows!
 Miles was impressed with the tall trees.
Reminded me of this picture of Lauren about that age.

They've grown!
 He was calling for owls.
 Getting a big tired.
 This tree screamed "climb me" to Lauren. She climbed first and then Kyle had his turn.
 She would have kept going if I hadn't told her that was too high.
 Definitely doesn't have my sense of adventure in her!
 The first mount.
 Ike did a whole lot of this!
 Peaceful, nice day!

 Fall 2014
Spring 2015
 We only ran into one other family...Lauren's classmate!

Monday, March 9, 2015


40 degree weather calls for shorts, t-shirts, and friends


 We got to meet Autumn! She is precious. Lauren's first cousin that is younger than her.
Crazy to think of how small they start out.
Almost 7 months apart in age.