Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree..

Just took our Christmas tree down yesterday...here are the pics!

2014 Christmas Tree...scratch that, we were going to pick this tree but the trunk was too crooked and we struggled to get this picture so going for picture round 2 was "out of the picture". 
 Lauren pulling the sled.
 Miles freezing his tush off.
 Watching Dad cut the FINAL tree.
 Ike and Mommy selfie. It was a bit too cold to dilly dally this year.
Christmas Tree chopping 2013 in Iowa.
 Chopping 2012 in Illinois
 Arms full again!
We enjoy our yearly tradition of chopping down our tree. Can't wait to see how many more kids will join the crew in the next few years!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Dear Lauren

Answers to any questions you may have:
1. Yes, she did say "Cauliflower".
2. No, she is not reading a story, that is actually a paper on hog confinements.
3. Yes, she only has 1 arm in the shirt.
4. Yes, she is dressed as the statue of liberty.
5. Yes, this is our everyday life!