Tuesday, October 21, 2014

11 Weeks

I know I may be biased...but my little Ike is pretty darn cute!
 In the same day we can hear from one stranger that he is going to have beautiful brown eyes and the next stranger will comment on his big blue eyes. 
 My vote is blue. Either way, I am smitten with him.
I requested more time off work and was granted until November 3rd. Big sigh of relief, he will be 2 days shy of 3 months old when I return.

Just a little comparison, here is Miles at 11 weeks as well.
 I think this picture looks like Isaac, minus the dark eyes.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


A "few" of our kids from Illinois came to visit us. My friends Tami and Laura (and their combined 6 kids) filled our house up. It was interesting having 9 kids and 3 adults for a few days. 

Meals looked a bit like this! We menu-planned for the weekend to avoid the mass chaos of eating out and accommodate 2 that have celiac disease. Meals were surprisingly smooth with 3 mommies tending to the flock!
 The 2 littles sat to the side of the table! 
 As a surprise, Tami and Laura brought decorations, a cake mix, and presents for Lauren. This was the first year that they were unable to celebrate her birthday with her and wanted to make up for it. Lauren was thrilled!
 Miles was thrilled with the cupcake!
 I figured they needed to experience the 8th wonder of the world in NW Iowa so we took them to see the Grotto in West Bend. This was sentimental only because the last time I went to the Grotto was shortly after Miles was born. We were back in Iowa while I was on maternity leave so Kyle could help his dad farm. It was that trip that I got a phone call from Tami saying that I needed to call her back ASAP. I immediately called her back to hear that our friend, Laura, had lost her baby girl, June, during her 36th week of pregnancy. It was definitely a tough time for our circle of friends. Kyle, the kids, and I drove back to Yorkville in the middle of the harvest to attend the funeral. 
 It was nice to be able to take Laura and Tami there at the same time. 
 The kids were enthralled with the sculptures. If we didn't have so many little ones, we probably would have hopped on one of the tours but they weren't too interested in sticking around each grotto for a long time, they just wanted to explore.
 I have plenty of these pictures from my childhood.

 If you've never been to the Grotto (and happen to be near NW Iowa), I would highly recommend stopping. The artwork is exquisite! The entire Grotto was hand-crafted by several Catholic priests. Many of the precious stones and materials were imported from all around the World. 
 Miles kept telling Aliya, "This is God, Aliya!"
 All the kids, minus Isaac who was strapped to me. 
 It was a beautiful day to visit!
 The park nearby. Fun to have all the kids on this little apparatus!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


When Kyle and I were first married, we joined a small group at our church that read "Sacred Marriage" by Gary Thomas for one the studies. I loved it!! When we had kids, we immediately bought the counterpart, "Sacred Parenting" and read it up. I am not the type of person to read a "how-to" book on parenting. I don't believe there is a specific method of discipline that works for every kid or specific instruction in the Bible of "how" we should parent our kids. "Sacred Parenting" was the perfect book for me! Talks a lot about how our relationship with God makes us better parents and more Holy. Whenever I think of Miles, I am constantly reminded that he is definitely a child God gave me to shape my character! 

This kid has so much energy, creativity, and imagination. He is a ball of fun to be around.

It was in the 60's, not super nice outside but we had a little puddle on the lid of our sandbox. I removed the trampoline to store it away for the winter and Miles immediately climbed on the lid and starting jumping in the puddles. The "old" me wanted to scream to get out because he was getting dirty. I quickly reminded myself that he is 2.
 Nothing a good warm bath can't fix either. I am glad I had patience with him because in a bit he grabbed a stick and said he was going fishing. Where do they come up with these things?
 Then he tested my character again by throwing the newly folded clothes out of the laundry basket and taking all the books off the top shelf of our little bookshelf. He climbed up on the basket and told me he was an elephant stomping. 
 It was a disaster. 
 Then it was a boat. 
Thank you Miles for making me a better person!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


There are certain moments I just love catching on camera and writing about on here so I can always remember! We are all just loving life right now!

Homemade Face (or Body) paint!
 This little one is so serious but starting to smile and attempt to laugh at us!
 His hair is staying nice and thick!
 My dear Miles, he requested to be carried around in the wrap one afternoon. 
He told me, "Mommy wrap, me a baby." 
He lasted about 5 minutes before wanting to run free again. 
Before I had kids and was doing research on baby carriers and baby wearing, 
I read that children who are carried close to their parents 
tend to be more independent and secure later in life. 
Kyle and I laughed and said maybe that is why 
Lauren is so carefree, adventurous, and sociable...
I think I had her attached to me for the first 2 years. 
 One afternoon it started to downpour on a little nature walk. 
We quickly scurried home to get Isaac out of the rain
 but I let Lauren and Miles go outside and prance around in it.
 This kid was drenched by the end of his fun! 
A warm bath was waiting for them after.

 This moment...where you say, 
"I shouldn't be letting you do that 
but you already have 10 times 
so why should I make you stop now."
 That would be the moment where 1 bite goes to the dog and the next in his mouth. 
His reply, "Macky loves soup, Mama!"
 Homemade Borax Slime. 
I think she played with this for over an hour.
 Silly Miles
 My sister and I's sweater from growing up.
Miles requested it on but did not look too thrilled
when I requested a picture!
 One of the last nice days of the summer!
 Blue skies and green trees...I will miss thee!
 Batman on the kitchen table! 
This morning I called him a "stinker" and he said, "No, me a turd!"
Miles woke me up at 3 am last night screaming something about a robot. I went to his room and found him sitting in the corner of his crib on top of his pillow shaking. I asked what was wrong and he said, "Robot, Out!" After a little conversation about what robot he was talking about it and where it was, I discovered his wooden rocking horse was casting a shadow on his wall that looked like a robot. It actually was scary with the handlebars sticking out of the head of the horse. I can't imagine what that would be like for a little lad who doesn't understand the concept of shadows. I slid the horse across the room, unplugged the night light, and tried to settle him back down to no avail. Kyle came in and talked to him and he decided it was time to get up! After trying to have him lay in the crib in our room, in our bed, and then a lavender oil massage, he happily went back to his bedroom. His first words after waking up, "Robot!". He had to show Lauren and Dad again this morning. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Eldest Child

Our dear Lauren...she is 5! I don't know why people talk about the Terrible Two's so frequently, they should really tell you about the Ferocious Five's!! This little child has so much attitude and anger in her at times it is quite unbearable. We've been doing a lot of praying, testing our patience, and trying to learn as we parent with this one! I caught her in a tizzy the other day while I was taking pictures of Isaac outside. 
We had a little chat the other night that I would work on being nicer to her and she would work on listening better the first time and not speaking disrespectfully to others. Definitely a learning curve!

In other news, the little men are growing like weeds and we are all adjusting and feeling rather comfortable on my maternity leave. I am truly saddened to have to go back to work in 2 weeks but know we will survive and find our new normal. 
 I took some pictures of the kids outside a few weeks ago and Lauren "edited" them on the computer. I just have to push a button to revert them to the original but thought her edits were cute!

 Isaac has learned he has a voice and often coos and gurgles at us. His crying spells have decreased and I've learned more what he likes and doesn't like. Sleep has still been great! He wakes about 2-3 times per night, nurses, and goes right back down. He is in bed with me until he weans through the night.
 Lauren took this disgusting picture of me and the boys the other day rocking in our "new" glider. My mom's cousin graciously gave us their old glider and I LIVE in this thing now! 
 She also took this picture of Dad. We generally have more than 1 child on our lap!
 Cowgirl Lauren!