Friday, August 29, 2014

Gator Fun

These 2 play so much more nicely now that Isaac has arrived. They require less adult initiation of play and feedback of how they are doing. It is amazing how they have been attuned to me being busy nursing, changing diapers, and bouncing endlessly with a newborn in hand. Dad snapped these pictures during one of my many "bouncing sessions" is no wonder Miles just got his chin glued shut the other day (pictures to come). 

Monday, August 11, 2014

First Few Days of 3 Kids

Isaac is just 1 day shy of 1 week old today. Crazy how fast time goes by!

Lauren took a few pictures of Isaac and us when he was 1 day old. 
 The brothers!
 Our first outing sans Dad was to the library. We went on Thursday afternoon (2 days old) while Dad golfed in his men's league. We met another Mom there and it was nice to get out of the house for a short while. The kids played in the toy area and allowed us to chat for a bit. I kept Isaac in the Moby wrap so no one would get to close to him. 
 The ring sling has also come out. Isaac and I went to the grocery store Saturday morning and the ring sling was the way to go! It has a long tail on the one end and when he got fussy, I just threw it over my shoulder and nursed in the grocery one knew!
 3 days old! I attempted a little sleeping photo shoot while the other 2 were napping but this one wanted to be awake instead. It was fun to get his little expressions on camera.
 Playing with his hands
 Interesting hand
 Friday night, we hung out as a family and played in the backyard. The kids ran until they couldn't run anymore.
 Dad got into the action showing them how to kick the balls high and then catch them
 ...and clabbering the kids when they weren't looking
 Lauren was getting so frustrated that she couldn't drop-kick the ball as high as Dad. He had her practice kicking without the ball. She can get her leg really up there!
 We laughed that this is a typical picture, Miles and Dad laughing and Lauren pouting in the corner because the attention isn't on her. 
Lots of playing outside, hide-and-seek games, visitors coming over, diaper changes, and tired faces. Kyle and I were just chatting last night about what we would be doing if we had no kids. Funny how fast your lives can change (for the better) and you completely forget what life was like without cherubs in the house. We thought we might still be in Chicago filling our nights with walks around the city and meeting up with friends. I wouldn't trade this for anything!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby #3 is Here!!

I hit the 40 week mark on Monday, August 4th. Around 3:30 in the afternoon I had a prenatal appointment where the doctor and I talked about our "future plans" with the pregnancy. We both decided we could wait until the following week to discuss it any further since my calculations were closer to August 10th. All my vitals looked great following my flu stint the week prior and I was measuring right around 39 cm. When I was examined, the doctor stated I was a "tight 3 cm" and 50-75% effaced. Like the last pregnancy, the front of my cervix was almost completely thinned out but the back was much thicker. I think that has to do with all our walking each day. After the appointment, I walked the 2 blocks home and noticed some mild contractions ensuing. My mom was watching the kids and left shortly thereafter. I told Kyle we needed to eat supper, go for our walk, and rest because I felt like things could speed up. We went for our 2 mile walk around town with the kids. Lauren wanted to walk the entire time so it was a slow stop and go. I felt kind of defeated that I wasn't able to power-walk so the last block home I told Lauren I would race her and jogged for about 50 yards pushing Miles in the double stroller before realizing that was a horrible idea. We got the kids  bathed and in bed and I sent Kyle's mom a text message to keep her ringer on that night. After watching Netflix for a bit and eating a big bowl of ice cream, I headed to bed around 10. 

Around 1am, I woke up for my first trip to the bathroom (which had been a nightly occurrence). When I got back in bed, I noticed contractions were about 8 minutes apart but not requiring any change in position or special breathing so I continued to lay down, attempting to fall back asleep. Around 2 am, I got out of bed because they were not comfortable laying on my side and went out to the living room to browse the internet. I started to keep track of how often they were coming before waking up Kyle and noticed they were roughly 4 minutes apart. During each contraction, I would stand up and pace the living room floor and then return to the computer to browse the internet between contractions. I swept the kitchen and got dishes put away as well. During this time, I went to the bathroom about 5 times and knew this was the real deal. I woke Kyle up a little before 3am and we decided to give his Mom a call since it would take roughly 30 minutes for her to get into town. Contractions started to pick back up and I noticed I had to moan slightly to get through them and lean against our living room ottoman or the bed. Kyle's mom made it to our house around 3:45am. I had a few more contractions in our bedroom and then would give her directions between them about the kids. Around 4am we made our way the 2 blocks to the Hospital. Kyle wasn't so sure we should leave quite yet because I told him and his mom multiple times that I was getting pain medication!! I said, "I did it natural at home before, I am going to take this one easy!" 

We got to the hospital a bit after 4am. I had one contraction in the car, one in the lobby and another while they were checking me into OB. I had to be hooked up to the contraction monitors for 30 minutes before they would officially admit me to the hospital. The contractions were so strong that I was on all fours on the hospital bed making it difficult for them to get the readings they wanted. The nurse asked if I wanted pain medication/epidural as it would take the doctor 40 minutes to get here from Spencer. Kyle quickly said no and I started to cry. They called my OB doctor (who lives right across the street) to come over. I looked at the contraction monitor and noticed my contractions were off the chart. The nurse said that thinner women tend to have higher spikes since they don't have fat interfering with the results. I was hoping it was because they were intense and thought, oh no, I am going to only be 5-6 centimeters dilated. The doctor asked that they check me first and the nurse said I was complete and head was RIGHT THERE. WHAT?!?! It was then I realized that I was definitely not getting pain meds and started to cry of pain and relief! They called my OB who apparently didn't believe them as he had just checked me 12 hours prior and made them check me one more time. He also told them I was GBS positive (which I wasn't aware of) and that I need an IV of antibiotics. Kyle said he would march over to his house and knock on the door if he had to, he knew the end was near!

During this time, I decided I was going to start pushing! We had 3 nurses in the room and one of them asked if I felt "pushy"...ummm, yeah, I was pushing! The nurse was attempting to get my IV in and I would brush her off when a contraction was coming. I continued to stay on all fours on the bed and push and noticed some blood coming out so I told the nurse, "The baby is coming." I meant soon, not that exact moment and they all started screaming to get the doctor! I pushed one more time and the nurse yelled, "The baby is crowning!" Kyle and I were just laughing because the nurses were so panicked but we didn't care if the doctor was there or not, I was getting that baby out! The nurse said, "I can't catch a baby like that, you have to get on your back!" I obliged and got on my back. Dr. showed up around 5:05 and asked if I wanted my bag of waters to be broke so it wouldn't explode everywhere. I agreed and pushed maybe 2-3 more times before he was out. It was FAST! The doctor arrived around 5:05am and baby was born at 5:15am. I think it took more time for them to deliver the placenta and stitch me back up then I was at the hospital. Funny thing was, I was never actually admitted to the hospital until one of the final pushes. The nurse kept asking me questions about allergies and my height and I just ignored her and continued to push. The nurse said my antibiotic had just gotten in my system when the baby was born.

Baby BOY Rouse was born 8/5/14 at 5:15am, 1 day after his due date (like Miles). He weighed 9 lbs. 2.5 oz. and was 21 inches long. His head circumference was 36.5 cm. It took us the good chunk of the day to come to a consensus about his name. We had 4 names on our boy list: Harrison, Ezekiel, Elliot, and Nolan. A few days prior, we crossed off Harrison and Ezekiel and were between Elliot and Nolan. Kyle said after he was born that the entire time I was in labor, he kept thinking about the name "Isaac". Isaac wasn't on our list this time but was a consideration for Miles. After staring at him all day, I obliged and we named him Isaac James Rouse. James is my paternal great grandfather's name.

Right after he was born. I still had my clothes on and everything!
 Shortly after he was born, they put me in a hospital gown.
 Lauren and Miles came around 9am. We promised Lauren that we wouldn't give any details until she had a chance to meet him. Our deal was to either give her a pink or blue bracelet to let her know the gender. She had really been wanting a sister but told us, "I thought I wanted a sister, but I really wanted a brother more!" She was so cute and smitten, even kissing Miles while she was holding Isaac. Miles just kept saying, "Baby out!"
 Little chunker!

 We had a lot of visitors at the hospital: Kyle's Mom and Dad, the kids, Great Grandma Baker, Great Great Grandma O'Brion, Great Grandparents Elmer and Norma, Aunt Erin, and Grandma Cindy. The nurses said we could leave whenever we wanted so we decided to leave after putting the kids to bed that night. Kyle left around 7pm to get them down and then came back and got me around 8pm. We had to return to the hospital the next morning for his PKU and hearing test as those couldn't be completed until after 24 hours. The nurses said they wished more patients could be as relaxed about parenting as I am. The hospital bed was so uncomfortable and I wanted to be able to co-sleep with Isaac so we figured going home would be best for the first night. I was glad we did! 
 The Rouse boys!
 First family of 5 photo!
 The next morning on the way back to the hospital.
 Lauren has enjoyed being a big sister. She wants to help with EVERYTHING which is nice!
Overall, the transition has been smooth! Isaac wasn't interested in eating the first 24 or so hours but has been nursing like a champ now. I have been warned that the cramping and after-birth pains gradually get more intense after each subsequent kid. Thankfully, this recovery has been awesome and I haven't taken any pain medication at all. 

I can be an emotional mess so we decided to keep visitors really limited the second and third day and I can tell I feel much better that way. The older 2 also respond better to a structured schedule and things can get a bit hectic with lots of people coming and going. Today, with no visitors has been nice and normal :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

South Dakota Day 3

Day 3 started out at the Mt. Rushmore KOA. We made our "famous" dutch oven donuts for breakfast.  Kyle and I first made these donuts on a camping trip we took while dating...same camping trip we got engaged on in 2005. We devoured them while the kids were not impressed. All you do is take refrigerated biscuits, pop a hole in the bottom with your thumbs and quickly fry them in oil in the dutch oven. Top them with powdered sugar or sugar and they are divine. 

 After breakfast, we ventured off to Bear Country USA to let the kids see some wildlife from the car. Bear Country USA is a self-guided car tour where you see many different kids of wildlife from the safety of your vehicle. You pay per person in your vehicle. I believe it was roughly $32, kids under 4 are free. You drive so slowly that we let Miles come up front to sit on my lap and Lauren was able to unbuckle in the back (pretty cool for them!). After our long day just prior, we figured a seated activity would be fun. 
 The bears walk right up to your car and sniff around. 
 ...and across the road.
 At the conclusion of the tour (which takes roughly 45 minutes-1 hour), you can walk through Baby Land and see baby versions of everything. They have a nice picnic area for lunch as well. 
 Lauren wanted her picture taken with the creator of Bear Country. 
 After our picnic lunch, we loaded up the kids for their afternoon nap in the car and ventured on Needles Highway and the Wildlife Loop. Our map said it was about 60 miles so we figured it would be perfect timing while the kids slept and then we could go back to the campground and chill. Well...60 miles on a scenic drive does not equal 60 was roughly 4 hours!

Here is the Needle Tunnel we drove through, 1 car at a time.
 This was also our 7 year anniversary so we had a tourist take our picture at an overlook while the kids snoozed. 
 More tunnel
 Another overlook. I think I was roughly 34 weeks pregnant?
 The kids woke up for the Wildlife Loop which was fun. We saw tons of buffalo, some wild horses, antelope, and deer grazing around. Unfortunately, the trip was LONG, hilly, and curvy which didn't bode well for me and Lauren. We had to pull over twice to get Lauren out to puke and she did again once we arrived back at the campground. I told Kyle us girls don't handle those types of roads well! Both scenic drives were nice but I wouldn't recommend them in the same day!
 Miles was also happy to be back at the campground. He took his plate to the playground, parked his booty, and ate his supper while watching the kids play. 
 Kyle and I dreamed up another dutch oven concoction while on the long drive, s'more bites. We took our biscuits and wrapped them around 1/2 marshmallow and piece of Hershey's chocolate. 
 Fried them up in the dutch oven with some oil.
 We thought they looked like little rosettes. They were tasty but the kids REFUSED to eat them! Absolutely refused! Crazy kids.
 After supper, we headed down the hill from our campsite to the play zone and panned for some "gold" and ventured around. I just loved this campground.
 I once again enjoyed the sun setting while washing dishes. 
 This is what Lauren said the view made her do, feel relaxed! She is silly.