Saturday, May 31, 2014


May has quickly passed in our household. We've been busy!

Visiting the cemetery for the memorial service on Memorial Day. I always love going to the memorial services and hearing the stories. This year was extra special because the cemetery is where the majority of Kyle's family is buried. Lauren loved running around the tombstones and finding old and new ones that shared our last name.
 T-Ball Games have started! Celebrating the first game with a baby cone from DQ. Miles was in Heaven with his first cone!
 For Cinco de Mayo, we ordered all the desserts from the local Mexican restaurant. Lauren voted that her favorite was the fried ice cream. 
 The humidity is doing wonders to this kid's hair; such a cross between his Great Grandpa Elmer and Aunt Amanda!
 A robin laid eggs above one of our front door lights. We kept a close eye on them and then one day the eggs were gone! Not quite sure what happened. It was nice to have this particular robin away from our front door though, she would swoop down on anyone that passed by.
 Kyle and I always take a huge breath when they sit nicely for longer than 3 minutes!
 I believe Dad assisted in this sticker placement
 Miles thinks that he can have EVERY book read to him before bed. Unfortunately that isn't going to happen between our 3 bookshelves.
 Lauren graduated from Preschool!
 Her teacher also retired!
 She is ready for Kindergarten Readiness next year.
 Grandpa Larry painted her toe nails one night.
 Sigh...another peaceful moment!
 They filled the cracks in the road one day. Miles just stood at the window and watched.
 We also chase a lot of flies in our house. Miles goes to great lengths to catch them and shoo them away.
 No, no fly!
 Shh....Laurie ni-ni
 Big Brown Eyes
 "Silent" Reading
 We celebrated Grandma Cindy's birthday
 Memorial Day Weekend, we went up to Big Woods State Park in Minnesota for some hiking and exploring of the town. 

 These two walked well over a mile before Miles requested to be carried on my back again.
 We discovered this park after reading about it in one of Kyle's Backpacker magazines. They said late April through May was the best time to visit. The ground was covered in little flowers and ferns.
 We made future plans to visit again and also have Lauren wear the bright pink shirt! It helped!

 The painted turtle that crossed our path was the excitement of the day. 
 Afterward, we let the kids play at the park where they had a huge sandbox. About 10 other kids joined and Kyle and I sat on the bench for a good hour while they played contently. It was marvelous!
 The night ended with a drive to find a fun local restaurant before heading home. This one had outdoor seating so we picked it!
 Covered in dirt, sand, and spaghetti sauce!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

26 weeks (last week)

Poor baby #3, I barely have any pictures of this pregnancy! I can't imagine how less I will have with subsequent children. 

We reached 26 weeks last week. Hard to believe that we are well over halfway and nearing the home stretch. I am sure this summer will fly by with school out. 
 I have gained the same amount of weight that I did at 40 weeks with Lauren and Miles. I am working on eating a little healthier and making sure I get a nice walk or bike ride in multiple times per week. Kyle's sister is getting married September 6th and I already have my dress in my pre-pregnancy size.
Next appointment is the glucose test and then we start having them every 2 weeks. My doctor is on vacation for a few weeks in early July so I will have a bit of a stretch then; grateful he isn't gone over my due date! One of the perks of small town living is that my doctor will be there for my delivery even though there are multiple others in the practice. Both of the midwife practices I had with Lauren and Miles required you to see all the providers and you got whoever was on-call.

Kyle is leaning more towards boy and I have been thinking girl lately. This one has got us stumped, usually we are on the same page. Haven't really talked about baby names quite yet but have a few possibilities on our list. Overall, it has been a pretty uneventful pregnancy (minus that first 3-4 months of uncomfortableness). Same thing with Miles, I have a pinched nerve of some sort on the inside of my left leg. It was almost immediately gone when Miles was out so hoping that happens this time as well. Chiropractor helps relieve a bit of the pressure but not all.