Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014...it was a glorious extended weekend
 Made sugar cut-out cookies

 Spent some time getting thrown in the air
 and swung around
 partook in kite-flying lessons

 it was hard work
 something about rows of openness is wonderful
 lots of mini-successes
 and mini-failures
and time to just wonder and think

 and then...time for Farmer Grandpa to pull out the big guns
 and engage in some red-neck kite-flying
 Sunday morning 
 Lauren's note and candy from the Easter bunny
 Lauren sang at church
 and got to watch 12 butterflies (to signify 12 disciples) be released 
 one landed on her shirt
 and one on Grandma Cindy's shirt
 5 generations together for lunch
 and bubbles for the afternoon
 I wish I could watch kites fly and bubbles blow away for hours every day
 Just a little throwback to last year!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Rest of March

When we wake up really early (just about every morning), we hear a train go by. Miles just LOVES listening to the trains!
 GG came over for supper. The kids enjoy their reading time with her. Lauren was able to read to GG this time from Hop on Pop. 
 It was a Dr. Seuss night, Miles enjoyed the ABC book. 
 Only real divas need sunglasses to peel their oranges
 Someone tried to dress themselves to go outside
 This was pre-Wasabi...sorry Miles
 Obviously this is post-Wasabi peas
 Will this ever come out of my mouth? You can see traces of Miles' first black eye as well. He fell while trying to walk in his bath towel.
 Ethan and Olivia's b-day weekend. My mom bought these really creepy dress-up clothes from Mexico. Nothing like waking up to a "Cinderella" or "Hulk" in your face. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. 
 I trimmed Miles' mullet for the first time! Just took off the back but kept the rest. His hair is coming in much quicker than Lauren's did.
 Once again, Lauren set her trap for the Leprechaun. After school she ran in to see if she had caught one. Yes, she wore that gem of an outfit to school; she is so independent!
 Nope! That sneaky little thing tricked her again and just left a note!
 He told her to look in the kitchen, she was kind of afraid. I really wonder what she would do if she caught one :)
 He drew an arrow with green straws to another note.
 She was happy to see some skittles from the Rainbow.
 and the sneaky thing left some green juice in the fridge!
 Stuck again!