Monday, March 31, 2014


Those moments when the adult in you says, "STOP!!" and the kid in you says, "I did that!" and then you spend the next 10 minutes perfecting the move. That is what happened tonight...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weather Forecast

Lauren has expressed interest in being a meteorologist. This was yesterday's weather, sounded out by her:

We told her that Grandpa Larry went to college to be a weather man but decided it was too hard and went into farm school instead. She said, "I don't ever give up! When I play hide and seek and you are hiding somewhere hard, I don't give up, I keep looking for you." 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bathroom Re-Do

We re-did our bathroom. I should specify...when I say "we" I mean my Uncle Jim! Kyle and I did the majority of the demo (Lauren too) and my Uncle Jim and Aunt Kathy helped along the way and Uncle Jim did all the labor. 

This was our bathroom before. It was fully functional had no shower, just a tub. Kyle and I had been showering in the basement stall shower which wasn't practical for our family. Lauren was getting interested in taking showers and it was time to do the updating. 
 Cute little tubby. The tub and toilet remained the same.
 The vanity was also excessively large, especially for our family who was used to a pedestal sink. The  measurements were wide enough to do a double sink but we were ready to add more space to our bathroom.
 Another tubby shot.
 Thee Miss Frizzle. The previous owners painted over wallpaper which didn't look too nice. Lauren had picked off a piece and referred to it as Miss Frizzle. 
 The kids would always stand on the tub ledge and hold onto the towel bar of the vanity. We were worried one of them was going to dive into the vanity and are glad that isn't a possibility anymore.
 Demo Time!
 This girl loves peeling wallpaper
 Watching Dad chip away tiles.
 Someone was not happy to be kicked out of the bathroom!
 Once the wallpaper was removed, we found this lovely paint technique beneath. We contemplated designing our new bathroom around it. :)
 Shower tile is going up!
 Beadboard walls and floor tile are on. We decided to beadboard the walls instead of replacing the drywall where the tile was. Plus, I like the look of was a win-win for me!
 Smaller more "vintage retro" vanity in.
 The colors aren't true in this photo but it is the new shower and curtain. 
 Front view of new bathroom
 Vanity view
 Side view. I picked up 3 vintage bird wall hangings at our local antique store.
 Having a shower upstairs has been so much more convenient!!

Thanks Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jim!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014


I love when rays of sunshine stream down on my kiddos.

Mac enjoys the outdoors as well. Our backyard is a mite too muddy right now and he stays in the front when we are outside.

Getting so big

I believe every outside toy was outside on this particular day, including the grocery store pop-up tent.

Miles spent time in his car, cruising down the driveway

Lauren and I took turns letting him roll down the driveway and then pushing him back up.

20 minutes of Heaven for Miles 

...and completely torn up leather shoes from dragging on the concrete

Won't be long and Kyle will be teaching him how to drive a real car...

....or until they are too big to fit in it together.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring has Sprung

Spring is HERE!! Now we await for it to feel like Spring. Some of these past few days have felt like a Fall day in my opinion. To celebrate the first day of Spring, the kids and I did a few colorful Spring activities while on Spring Break. 

First activity, watching white carnations change color in a bath of food color. Miles was not having this one; he wanted to drink the water (no thanks, buddy!). 

Give me that!

11:30am, just dipped in food coloring.

...the life of a preschooler and toddler!...

We don't normally have food coloring in our house so it called for a day of Play-Doh making as well. 

Next morning color. The lighter colors (green and pink) are much more bright than the dark (blue and purple). 

Monday, March 17, 2014


now that the snow has melted, i can look at these pictures and smile

Miles was enthralled with the man made of snow

"Mom, can you see this thing?"

"Right here!"

Lauren took great pride in her creation. She found a yogurt container in the recycling bin for the hat. 

It had rocks for buttons and eye, carrot nose, and celery mouth,

Poor Miles wore Lauren's old pink boots before the dog ate them and then got stuck with her old cowgirl boots. Next year, I am thinking he deserves some manly boots of his own...or else we just need to start buying Lauren unisex ones! Her ones this year have Hello Kitty duct tape keeping them together, they got a lot of use. 

The almost finished product. We ended up adding some stick hair later on. 

Mac got in the fun too. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

We have some Valentine's traditions in our house: heart-shaped food and chocolate primarily! We always have heart-shaped pizza for supper. 

This year we had some cheese and crackers, heart-shaped of course, for our appetizer (cheese has been my friend this pregnancy). 
 Ray of Sunshine!
 Cheese and Crackers are one of his favorites too.
 Red/Pink Clothes are another tradition
 Chocolate Time
 Lauren took this shot of Miles and me. I wear this pink blazer every year for Valentine's Day. Only day I pull it out of the closet. I got in Paris in the Summer of 2004. I wonder how many more I will be able to wear it?!?
 2014 heart-shaped pizza. 
 Lauren loves baking with me. We make our pizzas completely from scratch. Lauren loves watching the whole thing take shape. This year we had sausage, green peppers, and onions. Wow, has she grown this past year!
 Throwback...Valentine's Day 2012!
Valentine's Day 2013, Miles' first!