Thursday, February 20, 2014

Catching up with Friends

We headed back to Yorkville a few weekends back to prepare for a new tenant in our house.

The two littles enjoyed time in Alaska's crate. 
 Saturday night, we invited all our friends over to enjoy pizza and fellowship. The kids played HARD! Here is a picture of Lauren and Carter. I always tease Lauren that I have already arranged her marriage to Carter. He comes from an awesome family and absolutely adores her.
 Some of my friends! From left to right: me (due August, #3 surprise baby), Jacki (due July, #3 boy), Erin (due June, #2 girl). It was fun to chat about babies and pregnancy with my friends!
 We stayed up way too late chatting and catching up. The kids that remained "sat down" for a movie. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cabin Fever...

...I have it, horribly! I don't know if it is this incredibly cold winter, being in my first trimester of pregnancy (and everything comes with that), and/or living in the middle of nowhere without my old support system. Kids have been in survival mode too. This past weekend, after almost going crazy...we dropped everything, packed a night bag, and hopped in the car. Our trip took us to Ames (to get a new minivan we had been scoping out), a night at Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ryan's, and a visit with old friends. It was refreshing. I think we need more spontaneous moments in our life!

Lauren decided to experiment with her science kit. She made quite the concoction! 
 These 2 love each other. Miles has to tell the dog goodnight every night before bed and give him kisses. I just missed a kodiak moment, the dog was laying on Miles' lap. 
 Miles recently discovered he can crawl in the chairs by himself and demand food!
 Waiting patiently!
 Please, Mom!
 His other favorite past time is going through Lauren's dress-up bin: hats and bags seem to be his favorite.
 He is always telling us goodbye to go somewhere!
 First time finger painting.
 Get this off of me!