Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas and Cold Winter Days

Lauren and Kyle participated in our Church's Christmas program on Kyle's birthday. Although the weather interfered with some family coming, we still trudged on. Here are the little ones:
 Lauren had so much fun, she is a natural in the spotlight.
 She did an excellent job during her personal lines and Kyle said he saw her try and get the microphone back at one point :)
 Our little starlite!
 and don't forget about Mr. Wiseman. 
 We let the kids open our presents to them early, just because! Kyle got Lauren princess dominoes.
 Our town has a Secret Santa Workshop where the kids get to go shopping with a personal shopper and pick things out secretively for their family members. Lauren did such a good job picking up individual gifts for everyone, so thoughtful! She got her brother a little car that has a magnet on it, they love using it on the fridge. 
 Gingerbread kit at Nana's. Someone found the candy!
 Wendy Walker
 John Deere gator, of course!
 Lauren's favorite gift, a record player 
 We have a bunch of books on record and now she can listen to them!
 Opening her stocking. Smelly markers!

 Where she camped herself over Christmas break, listening.
 Celebrating at Grandpa and Grandma's, obviously eating lasagna.
 and he thought it was mighty tasty
 I found my dad this fire color changer packet. You can kind of see the blue burning.
 After our Christmas festivities, we headed to Dubuque to meet our besties from Illinois for a fun-filled indoor waterpark weekend. Here is the best picture I could get of Miles with a fake mustache on. 
 All suited up
 Little Miss Miyah celebrated her 3rd birthday over the weekend. These girls don't miss a beat when it comes to their friendship. Unlike the mommies who get to chat on the phone and text message, these girls don't see or talk to each other much (other than the occasional Facetime chat) and always pick up right where they left off. 
 Poor Miles contracted pink eye. He was such a trooper.
 Relaxing after returning home.
 We've done some fun things in the house to keep sane during these crazy cold winter days. I attempted to make a fort one Saturday morning while Kyle was working at home. He quickly squashed my fort and made his bigger and "better" one. 
 Yes, it did involve a rope running the length of our living room, typical Kyle.

 Even the dog took a trip through
 Kyle and Lauren made rolls from her science kit.
 I made bread too
 Star Wars cookies
 Lauren was proud of her bread accomplishments
 Lauren's finished product
 Marble Race fun

Sunday, January 19, 2014


It is official! #3 is due to arrive 8/10/14. We are ecstatic and can't believe how much faster each subsequent pregnancy goes after having 1. Sometimes I forget how far along I am until my weekly reminder shows up in my email.


Gender?: Once again, not finding out!
How far along?: 11 weeks today
Feeling Alright?: not so much, last 2 pregnancies left me completely worn out and in bed by 7pm. This one has been interesting. Some nights I am out by 8 and other nights I can't sleep at all! Crazy how our body responds to growing a life. Wouldn't have it any other way though, it is nice to have that reassurance.
Where are you going to deliver?: After searching high and low for a homebirth midwife, we found a "natural" doctor close to our home. We will have to deliver at the hospital but feel good in laboring at home until the absolute last minute with the hospital being so close.
Still nursing?: Yes, my little Miles sees no end in sight. Hoping to slowly wean him this summer before the new one arrives but know that it is a possibility they will both be nursing at the same time. I (kind of) night-weaned him over Christmas break but emerging teeth aren't helping the cause.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

December Happenings

These two passed around the stomach bug for a bit. After it was all over, we celebrated with some popcorn, water, and family movie night. Nothing more fun than all being huddled on the couch watching the computer screen. And yes, Miles has stickers all over him courtesy of his sister.
 Miles got into the little DVD player when he was under the weather. He would last about 5 minutes but it kept his body still for just a short time to rest.
 The rest of the time he was begging to go outside by putting on an assortment of hats and shoes.

 Lauren decided to be adventurous and snip her own bangs. She complained about them being too long and took matters into her own hands. She got herself out of the tub, dressed, hair combed, and then snipped them. Afterward, she walked out to the living room as if nothing had happened...she even cleaned up all the hair clippings. I starred at her and said, "What happened to you?" Immediate tears...she was scared she would be scolded for using grown-up scissors.
The only thing I yelled was, "Grab the camera!"
Look at the difference in lengths. They aren't in her eyes anymore. Looks like we will be waiting until she is older to grow them out.
 I evened them out to the best of my ability and they are slowly but surely growing back in. Thankfully this was just days prior to Christmas :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Round #2

I host Thanksgiving every year. Since this was our first year back in Iowa, we had a packed house!

Miles hamming it up for the camera!
 Thanksgiving weekend, Lauren told Kyle she would get her ears pierced after he brought it up multiple times. She brought along Knufflebunny. This is obviously the "before" picture!
 Miles chilled at Claires while we waited.
 Ear #1, Looking a bit scared.
 Ear #2 required sitting on Mom's lap
 Please be over! I am a nervous laugher, not an unresponsive parent, haha!
 She got to visit Santa after getting her ears pierced and requested to bring her Elf Willow with her. 
 Thanksgiving morning we grabbed donuts from Casey's. Miles got to indulge but wasn't very interested.
 My pictures are all out of order. "Helping" Nana set up her Christmas decorations.
 Smushed donut!
 Watching Dad hang lights outside
 We got out our little kids table for extra seating at Thanksgiving, this little one thought it was pretty cool!
Thanksgiving Meal
 Kids table
 Wishbone time
 Eating her pumpkin pie, Lauren style
 Setting up the tree with Dad
 Get out of here Mom!
 Angel time