Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Round #1

We celebrated Thanksgiving/Christmas with Kyle's side of the family early because his grandparents leave for the South. 

Miles is working on his molars and wasn't used to the changes in his mouth. For a few days, we saw some really funny faces. 

 Get these things out of here!
 Of course, Lauren had to show us her teeth as well. 
 Around the weekend we also painted the ceiling on our main level. We got a cool color-changing paint that went on purple and dried white so you could see where you've been. Lauren thought the ceiling was really going to be purple. 
 Our kitchen in progress still but looking much better 
 We removed the soffit in the middle of the ceiling
 Before we went to Grandpa and Grandma's for Thanksgiving, we plopped Miles' chair on the floor to bring along. He took it upon himself to rest. 
 and of course (again), Lauren wanted in the pic :)
 Oh Lauren!
 All the great grandkids. The girls got those microphones..they were a blast...
 The infamous couch picture
 Great Gpa Gordon and Miles

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fall Fun

I haven't had much time to blog lately but with Lauren sick today, I am finding myself with A LOT of time I don't normally have. Here are some of the many things we did this past Fall...oh, I miss that weather!

lots of leaves
 lots of laughs
 lots of time exploring at Nana's house
 Miles' first experience in the leaves pile
 Our "little cleaner" kept occupied for some time
 Pumpkin patch
 Kitchen under Construction
 life-size dolls
 Puppy Play
 More leave pile cleaning
 the "best" leaf
 Relaxing from all his hard leaf work
 Halloween at the Arboretum

 Cruella and a puppy

 She's a nasty one!

 We sprayed Lauren's hair to be half white and half black. She got SO MAD at Ethan for throwing leaves in her hair and getting them stuck in the spray.
 That didn't stop him!