Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Peter Pan

We just finished reading Peter Pan as part of our nightly chapter book reading. I really love the Classic Starts series because they have book discussion questions geared towards little kids. Here are some of Lauren's answers:

1. Why is it important to Mr. Darling that his family have a nanny?
-To tuck the children in at night.

2. (a) What do John, Michael, and Wendy's Neverlands look like? (b) What might you find in your own Neverland?
- (a) Pirates, Lost Boys, Mermaids, and Lagoons
-(b) Houses, Stores, Restaurants

3. Have you ever done something for fun that ended up upsetting someone else?
-Today I stepped on Daddy and he didn't like it (Referring to an incident in which she continually stepped on his private areas after he told her to stop; landed her in time out.)

4. Peter tells Wendy that no one ever sends him letters. (a) How do you think that makes him feel? (b) Who do you exchange letters with?
-(a) sad
-(b) the mailman

5. Peter tells the children that in order to fly, they need to think happy thoughts. What would you think about?
-Going to bed

6. Just before the children leave the nursery, Wendy has second thoughts about how risky flying off would be. What is the riskiest thing you've done?
-Get out of bed at night.

7. Peter's life is full of adventures. Have you ever had an adventure?
-Yes, with Grandpa Larry.

Not sure what book she is going to pick to start reading next, there has been talk of: Anne of Green Gables (Classic Starts version), Josefina Learns a Lesson, book #2, Charlotte's Web, and Winnie the Pooh.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

1st 1/2 of October

Miles discovered he can give Lauren the "stink eye". I tried to catch it in a picture and this is the best I could get. 
 This kid is just too cute!
 Lauren and I made a pretty sweet marble race
 She is going to be "Snow White" for Halloween so we bought a black wig at the store that we are going to trim. She hid behind the table to scare Kyle and thought it was really funny!
 Doing some remodeling to the kitchen! Spray painted the backsplash white. This was a "before" shot.
 Miles can climb on everything now!

 hehehe! He put this doll hat on himself and grabbed a purse.
 Off he goes. (Still need to paint the hallway, opps!)
 another hehehe!
 In progress

 Finished product with old fridge
 With a new smaller fridge so it is easy to pass through that opening

 I love watching Miles play with something for a long time. I just wonder what they are thinking in their heads. 

 Where's Miles?

 head lamp time
 Apparently he didn't want to get messy eating homemade Italian Dunkers
 but it didn't last long!

 Kyle collected our chicken's eggs and we had a monster one; 2 yolks inside it! I hardboiled it and it was yummy!
 Lucky Miles got his first sip of orange juice (extremely diluted). he wasn't too impressed.
 This kid could look at books for hours!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Breakfast Music

Lauren's Breakfast Song went like this:
My family is sweet.
My family is loving,
Even when my house is shaking.
My brother loves me.
223 Madrigal

Speaking of Lauren, she has been doing well with self-reading lately (looking at the pictures and finding words she knows in the text). We are aiming for 10 minutes/day of self-reading.
 This was right after she got adjusted by the chiro after having a horrible kink in her neck. She probably sat still for 40 minutes reading by herself, it was marvelous!! You could tell she felt so much better.
 This is Miles' stinker face.
 PJs that Lauren wore too. We always call the kids "Sherbet" and "Creamsicle" when they wear these.
 Lauren put her cardigan on him too!

Speaking of Lauren, her she is in these PJs
 Dog met Puppy

 Lauren's Birthday Gator
 Only Logical thing to do would be go to the dog kennel if you are dressed as a dog

 This kid loves hanging out in the dog house. Requires an immediate tubby after but his giggles make up for it.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Lauren's Funny Pages

Background: I found out our neighbor (2 houses down) works for the same company as me...and we sat in a meeting together the other day. I couldn't believe it, that I knew her from work prior to recognizing she was my neighbor! I was relaying the story to Kyle a few weeks ago and brought the kids over to her house to introduce them to her. She works at the same school Lauren attends.

Lauren told us this yesterday.

Lauren: Mom, I saw your friend you sat in a meeting with at school.
Me: Oh yeah, our neighbor, Tracy, that works with mommy?
Lauren: Yes!
Me: Did you say 'hi' to her?
Lauren: No, I didn't. I was going to say, "Hi, remember me, I am the Rouse's kid!"

Seriously...where does she come up with this stuff!?!?!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Boys...and so it begins!

At breakfast this morning, Lauren was talking AGAIN about a boy in her class named Creighton. I finally asked her:

Me: Lauren is Creighton your boyfriend?
Lauren: (smiling) Yes. I just look after him. He does whatever I am doing. If I am playing in centers, so is he. If I am dressing up like a cowgirl, he is a cowboy. AWKWARD!
Me: What does awkward mean?
Lauren: It means something is weird or different. I say it a lot in preschool.

I can't remember if I blogged about this yet or not but earlier this year she said this when talking about boyfriends.

Me: Is Jake your boyfriend?
Lauren: Nope, he's my husband.