Friday, September 27, 2013

#4, The rest of the Celebrations

Once again, my pictures got all jumbled up while downloading. 

Lauren requested chocolate chip pancakes for her actual "birthday". Kyle was out of town in the morning but joined us later that night. 

 Not only a "4" pancake but also dark chocolate almond milk in a wine glass!

 Talking on the phone for her birthday calls.
 Supper was also her request: cut up hot dogs, cheesy garlic bread, cantaloupe, and carrots. Before this decision, she told everyone she wanted "Supper Cake" which was meat on the bottom, then vegetables, and topped with onions and garlic bread crumbs. I was all excited to experiment with a Shepherd's Pie and then she changed her mind...
 Kyle got home that night and we presented her with her birthday present.

 A GATOR!! Pictures later. 
 Labor Day weekend was comprised of our annual family 5K. I think we figured out Amanda and I have ran the whole 4 years of Lauren's life. 
 The Rouse tradition continues with all our medals! We were all in the same age group: 1. Amanda, 2. Erin, 3. Me
 Lauren's family Iowa party was Golden-themed for her Golden Birthday. Golden Graham Cupcakes
 The Golden Spread
 Goldfish, Golden Raisins, Golden Oreos, Golden Jello

 The Golden theme was not complete without some jewels! Aunt Erin hooked us up with some geodes (the Iowa rock) to smash open. 
 Cousin Olivia
 Miles crashed the party....with Chicken Pox!
 It was a very mild case and we are glad he has now been exposed and done with it!

Friday, September 13, 2013

4, Birthday Bash #1

Lauren wanted to celebrate her 4th birthday in Yorkville. We headed back Friday-Sunday of Labor Day weekend. It was a fun trip!

Stopping at Whole Foods for a picnic lunch before heading to the park for her birthday party. 
 It has rained the past 2 years on Lauren's birthday for her outdoors festivities shoving us indoors. True to style, it started DOWN-POURING as we pulled up to the park. Hmmm...what to do when you don't have a house to run into?
 ...just crash your friend's house with 20 other people! So grateful to our Yorkville friends for being flexible and letting us trash, I mean crash, their house :)
 Apparently she "always wanted" a Brave doll. 
 We swung by cost-co to pick up some cupcakes and only could find a sheet cake. It was perfect! 
 Funny part though, when you have cake you need plates, forks, and napkins unlike cupcakes. Cost-co surely supplied us with all those: 500 forks, 200 plates, and gabs of napkins. Looks like we will be stocked for a few years of parties!
 The sun ended up coming up and the kids resorted to the backyard puddle jumping in their underwear. 
 Playing doctor
 Friends!! I sure hope this gang can stay good friends despite their distance.
 Later that night we went to a concert for Yorkville's Hometown Days. Of course, Tami had to whip out her silly side!
Missing Yorkville!!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Lauren started preschool a week and a half ago. I am still processing the concept! She is adjusting as well to no afternoon nap and crashes early each night. My pictures are all jumbled up so enjoy!

I picked her up the first day and she said I needed to get a picture of her going down the fire pole. So far away behind the fence but this is what I could get.
 I asked her how her first day was!
 "Wait Mom, let me grab this and then take another picture!"
 Take a picture like this too!
 We ran to the bakery after preschool and Lauren got a mini brownie bite with a balloon decoration in it.
 A few nights prior, we went to school to meet her teacher one-on-one.
 Lauren brought her monkey with her
 Her locker
 The water fountain
 Her first day! We took pictures in the morning and then shipped her off to daycare. Lauren wrote her name and "preschool" on the paper so we can see how her writing improves over the year.

 She wanted to bring an apple to her teacher. Her teacher goes to Nana and Farmer Grandpa's church and told Nana that weekend that a boy was very concerned about when she was going to eat her apple!

 I picked Lauren up for lunch before sending her off to school. She requested the bakery. 
 School girls get to drink water out of wine glasses. We've been drinking out of them at home now too :)
 Looking so big!
 She asked me about naps and I told her that they were done now! She was flabbergasted! 
 Seriously, when did this girl get so big. She colored while we waited and made lots of "patterns"
 Her request, Mac and Cheese!
 After lunch, I dropped her off at school. I could tell she was nervous. I've never seen her look so timid. She walked right on my heels into the school and actually tripped over my feet she was walking so close. 
 She hung up her backpack in her locker
 She didn't hesitate at all in the classroom and got right to playing!
Her teachers say she is doing well! She goes Tuesday through Friday in the afternoons.