Wednesday, August 28, 2013


We've been busy! This is how I feel some days too!
 Our chickens have been producing us delicious eggs for breakfast every morning. We had 4 chickens, 1 got eaten by a wild animal, 1 we thought was a rooster, which left us with 2 hens left. Fortunately we are getting 3 eggs a day, which means, we have 3 hens!
 We spent the entire weekend painting, cleaning, moving, and going crazy! The kids had fun with relatives galore. These past few weeks I have enjoyed getting to spend time with my family! Cousin Lorissa came to watch the kids and help paint. 
 Can't be a family event with scotcharoos!
 Aunt Liza and Lauren painted her room a really adorable pink, Lauren picked it out herself! (Sherwin Williams: Rosy Outlook)
 We primed over the dark red and brown, removed wallpaper, and painted the living area YELLOW (yea!) (Sherwin Williams: Optimistic Yellow)
 The kitchen and half the dining room got a fresh coat of green (Sherwin Williams: Parakeet). 
 Nana helped!
 Aunt Erin helped!
 Even Pocahontas got a fresh coat of paint!

Monday, August 26, 2013

New House

We closed on our new house August 15th. The kids had yet to explore it so Lauren was pumped when we picked her up from daycare to see it. 
Standing outside the front door. Miles tried to climb down the stairs.
Lauren tried to get him to sit but that wasn't successful either.
Lauren got to unlock the front door.
Just to have on the record. All the "before pictures". The living room with wallpaper and brown paint.
Standing in the opposite direction in the living room is the dining room with red paint. Yes, that is a stripe down the middle of the wall that doesn't match up with the floor or the wall there. Weird.
Front entryway. That is not stone but wallpaper on that back wall. 
Master bedroom
Miles' future bedroom
Kitchen with more wallpaper
Dad just about died when I pulled a massive strip of wallpaper off while the kids were exploring their new house. Lo and behold, another layer of wallpaper was underneath. 
...and another! Most areas had 3 layers total. 
We closed on Thursday night, started the "demo" on Friday, and officially moved in the following Monday. The weekend was full of painting, cleaning, and moving things in. Big thanks to all our family members who helped watch the kids and do manual labor. Feels nice to have a house again!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cheese Anyone?

Lauren could very well be one of the most "spunky" kids I have ever met. Why God chose me, a boring, serious, person to be her mommy I will never know...oh wait, maybe that is why :) The things she says are always hilarious and her energy level is through the roof. I cannot fathom what this is going to translate into as a young child, teenager, and adult!

Don't be fooled by this picture, that is indeed Lauren hiding behind her mask. She loves to put it on and jump out from places to "scare you".

Yesterday she saw the bucket of dishwasher tabs Nana has on the counter. We have to keep them up there after Miles attempted to eat one, yuck! She asked me, "Mom can you eat those things?" I replied, "No, Lauren, those are to clean the dishes in the dishwasher." "Oh," she said, "I thought they were some type of dessert cheese." Wonder if she attempted to eat one too!?!?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Crazy Children


1. When driving by our new house, we always notice that the current owners have ALL the lights on. I pointed that out to Kyle the last time we drove by (we frequently stalk it) and Lauren said, "Mom, first thing we are going to do when we move in is change all the light bulbs!"

2. At Great Grandma Baker's (GG) house, Lauren was shy to the use the bathroom. I told her she could go by herself now and would be okay. GG said, "The stool is kind of high in there. Do you think you will be able to get on it?" Lauren looked at her and said, "Oh yeah, I can!". She stood there a bit and then walked over to me and whispered in my ear, "Where is the stool?" I replied, "The stool is the toilet." Lauren was so confused. Just wait until she hears GG call the couch a davenport.

3. Speaking of GG, she has requested that her great grandchildren call her that after another great grandchild started using it. Lauren is pretty confused about it because was called her Grandma B at home. When we were leaving her house, GG said, "Lauren, what do you call me now?" Lauren tried to remember and said "BB" instead of "GG". She was made reference to "BB" now a few times, opps!

4. I have been teaching Lauren old hymns on our long car rides. We were working on "Amazing Grace" this morning. Just for fun, I started singing in an opera voice. Lauren immediately started say, "Mom, stop! That is weird! Stop, Mom! You are being weird!" What? Since when did she grow up and get embarrassed by me?!?


He will not be out-shined by his sister's antics. Instead of verbally surprising us, Miles has decided to surprise us with treasures throughout the house. I told Nana she will be finding things long after we leave their house. Here is a brief taste of his abilities:

1. Kyle's flip-flop was found in a tiny end table drawer.

2. Nana found a memory game piece in her motorcycle boot.

3. Farmer Grandpa discovered the calculator in the VCR player.

4. A mega block was found in the bathroom trash can.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Week in Iowa

We had a fun action-packed first week back in Iowa. I drove with the kids while Kyle loaded the U-Haul and he arrived later really early the next morning. 

Thankfully, VBS was going on at the country church and Lauren jumped right in. It was nice to have something for her to do so she wouldn't be missing all her friends back home. They gave us an amazing performance after 3 days of VBS. It is crazy what little kids can memorize in short amount of time. 
 Already making friends!
 We biked in the machine shed a lot!
 On the way to Iowa, we stopped at Doughy Joey's in Cedar Falls. This was one of Kyle and I's favorites in college. Miles had his first taste of pasta!
 He liked it but his belly was a bit upset that night. 
 Lauren enjoyed a booth side to herself. Nothing like standing to eat after a LONG car ride!

 Dad got into town around 3am with the massive U-Haul!
 Packed full...
 of our chickens. They survived. I thought for sure they would perish in the heat and no ventilation.
 One afternoon after VBS, we went to Great Grandma Fern's for a slip and slide with Lauren's 2nd cousins.
 I think this picture is the epitome of "slip" and "slide"
 Enjoying the company of her 2nd cousins (Cale and Mallory)