Sunday, July 28, 2013

Busy Sunday

We had a busy day on our first Sunday as Iowans. We visited a church in the area to find out if it would be "the one" and then headed to Lost Island for a picnic lunch.

The weather was perfect and the kids loved exploring the trails and lake. Downside=mosquitos & gnats!

 Watching the boats go by

 Lauren and I were impressed with this heart rock in the ground
 Down by the lake
 After picnic and a visit to the Nature Center there, we loaded up in the car for the drive to Spirit Lake to visit my grandparents. It was a nice day and Great Grandma and Grandpa thought it would be perfect to test out their new park/splash pad in town. Lauren had a blast. We didn't bring her suit but figured we would just throw her dress in the dryer when we got back to the house. 
 I'm sure next summer Miles will be excited to participate, he was not a fan this year!

 We made it back to Grandpa and Grandma's house just in time for a complete downpour! Thanks to the awning, we were able to eat our supper watching the lake and rain stream down. 
 Great Grandma gave Lauren a few dress-up clothes and this is how her sleepy drive home went. She was asleep before we made it out of town and slept the whole way with the skirt on her head! Love this silly, energetic girl!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Playing Hide and Seek with Farmer Grandpa!
Lauren: Close your eyes and count while I hide.
Farmer Grandpa: How high do I need to count?
Lauren: To 28, if you can count that far!

At the Palo Alto Co. Fair:
Kyle: Oh, a cow pie!
Lauren: Cow Pie, I've never had that before!

Preface: Nana has a set of pictures on the top of her piano. One is of her and a bridesmaid in Amanda's wedding as they look at Farmer Grandpa and Amanda dancing; they are tearing up. The other picture is of Farmer Grandpa and Amanda dancing. We went and picked some wild flowers outside and Lauren was able to place the bouquet where she wished. This is what she said.
Lauren: I put the flowers by the picture of Nana crying.
Me: What?
Lauren: The picture of Nana crying on the piano. She is crying because she wanted to marry Farmer Grandpa but Aunt Amanda married him.
Me: I thought Aunt Amanda was married to Uncle Ryan?
Lauren: Nope.

Nana has some Nutella in her pantry. Lauren has asked about it several times trying to figure out what it is. This morning we were talking about the sandwich I packed for a picnic.
Lauren: Mom, did you use that black peanut butter?
Me: No, just regular. I didn't use Nutella.
Lauren: But Mom, where is the Old Tella?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Final Days in Yorkville

We enjoyed our final days in Yorkville by playing outside, visiting with our neighbors, and saying goodbye to friends!

 Miles missed a step while we were cleaning the garage out and got road rash on his forehead and nose

 Lauren invited Gabby and Miyah over for individual dates. Not often they get to play alone with each other and they soaked in their final time together!

 These two are pros!

 All the hard playing resulted in this at about 6pm.
 I can't believe how big he is getting!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Miles' 1st Birthday

I can't believe my little man turned 1 on the 16th! We enjoyed a "circus-themed" birthday/going away party at our house in our final weekend in Yorkville. 

Animal cracker topped cupcakes
 The big boy himself
 We have awesome friends in Yorkville. When we told people we were having a circus party, the amenities started rolling in. Here is our neighbor, Carlo, with his cotton candy machine and Kyle is operating another friend's popcorn machine!
 Blueberry Cotton Candy + Hot Day = Sticky Blue Faces
 He just wanted a little bit but Mom said NO!
 Showing Grandpa Larry how it is done.
 The Lubinus grandkids, minus Miles
 Our good friend Lily from the Merry Heart Clowns came over for face painting and little show. I'm not a crying person but I cried when Lily left the party and said goodbye and balled when I said goodbye to my bestie the next day.
 Fancy Eyes
 Grandma Cindy and the girls
 Birthday Boy and Mommy
 Magic Show Time
 Lauren got to be her helper 
 15 more years buddy!
 Still Magic Show Time
 Lauren will miss Lily
 Some of the kiddos and Lily
 Who is holding me?
 Our other neighbor and fellow church member has a hot dog stand in Town Square in the summer. We were able to rent his services for the night. It was such a blessing to not have to prepare food and just enjoy the company.

 Eating some chicken and fruit
 On to the real good stuff!
 First sweet

 All Done!
 Tami's husband, Dustin, rode his old car over to let the kids sidewalk chalk it

It was a great party: great company, great food, great activities, great end to our 3 year stint in Yorkville!