Thursday, January 31, 2013

Knufflebunny Concert and Clowns

Santa got Lauren tickets to the Knufflebunny musical in the city. Lauren was so excited to see one of her favorite books played out through music and dance! For all the Knufflebunny readers, are you in the Kuh-Nufflebunny or Nufflebunny camp?

Holding her tickets!
Browsing her Children's playbill
We ate lunch before the show right down the street and they had a Knufflebunny bookmark!
After the show, the actors signed autographs in the lobby. Lauren was confused with what they were writing down. She would go up to each person and say, "Hi, my name is Lauren!"and then proceed to tell them about her favorite part of the show. When she got her autographed bunny back from the 2nd person, she looked at me and said, "Mom, they don't know how to spell my name!". 
She was nervous and excited at the same time!

Each month we see the Merry Heart Clowns at a local church. Lauren adores them!! We invited some friends with us this time.
They love singing and dancing!
Lauren even snuck on stage at one point with some other kids, haha!
And then....the HEAD CLOWN Lily pulled Lauren on stage and gave her present! Lauren's highlight of the night!! The theme was birthday. 
She was so happy! 
Taking a picture with "Cool Beans"
Here is the little man! He enjoyed the Knufflebunny Concert too.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lauren Lately

This morning Kyle was walking out the door and asking what he was forgetting. Lauren and I were going through everything he should have.

Lauren: Dad, what did you eat for breakfast?
Me: He didn't eat anything!
Lauren: That's not good. Dad should eat breakfast, healthy things. He's a weird boy.

Over Christmas Break, we played so much that we often forgot to take naps. By the time 5pm would roll around, Lauren would be dragging! I would turn my back or do something around the house quick and come back to her zonked out. 

Eating her snack while I was cooking supper

We played at the neighbor's house this day. When we came home to prepare supper, I found her like this!
She didn't even make it through supper this night!
Morning snuggles with brother
Kyle got a HUGE wedding picture of us framed this summer and the kids just love to stare at it while laying in our bed. 
Talking about MLK Day. I explained that MLK Jr. was black and people were not nice to black people. I went on to say that all people have different colors of skin and way they look based on where they are from. Some people are from Africa, some from China, Europe, and so on. Lauren chimed in and said, "Some people are from Boone..." I guess those from Boone, IA are one-of-a-kind!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Project Homemade

I am slowly converting to making just about everything we eat homemade. I picture it being a timely process, but such is life. A few months ago, we switched over to homemade bread. It has proved to be mighty tasty and I am hoping with the summer heat later it will be easy to keep up with. 

This month our mini-goal was to eat some sort of green vegetable (primarily greens) once per day. Lauren has taken this goal to the next level! Her favorite way to incorporate her daily greens is in a fruit/veggie smoothie. Her she is enjoying one, Groucho Marx style...

 I about peed my pants watching her sip her smoothie.
 We've also eliminated boxed pastas. Usually each month, a group of my girl friends get together and make a big batch of pasta to freeze. With Christmas and jumping into the New Year we have yet to replenish our supply. I didn't realize how quick and easy it is to make ONE batch as needed compared to our monster portion on Girl's Night. Lauren has especially enjoyed watching flour and eggs turn into a tasty supper.
 Lauren is in charge of cranking it
She requested spaghetti-shaped noodles this particular night and enjoyed peeling them all apart
 The finished batch waiting for the boiling water. I add a bit of salt and olive oil when the water boils to keep them from clumping together
 We added some leftover ham, peas, and mozzarella cheese. These noodles generally taste best with little to no sauce, just a spritz of olive oil. 
 So proud of her cooking accomplishment!
 This now 6 MONTH OLD has yet to eat. I plopped him in the chair after we pulled it out for a friend. 
 We tried a bit of bananas but he was NOT interested!
 More interested in playing...
 and gnawing on his spoon
 While they both napped, I enjoyed some fresh out of the oven bread and homemade peanut butter...yum! We roast our peanuts in the oven at 350 for about 6 minutes, shell them, add 3 cups to our Vitamix blender, a pinch of salt, and a few tbsp. of coconut oil. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year's 2013!

Lauren enjoyed playing dress up and wearing her "New Years" crown
 Miles enjoyed flirting with Aliya
 My bestie Tami
 We are welcoming 2013!...all a bit tired!
New Year's Resolutions:
Kyle: read the Bible in one year
Jamie: set mini goals each month- January is to eat some sort of greens everyday; so far so good!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

My siblings and I re-created a picture from when we were little kiddos...this was the adult version
Miles enjoyed his first Christmas being passed around and held all day
Grandma Cindy
Baby's 1st Christmas
All their grandbabies, might be one of the last few Christmas' were everyone can fit on their laps

The whole Lubinus clan
Lauren opening presents
We went to visit the Great Great Grandmas. My school I work at created Christmas cards for all the residents at the nursing home, here is Great Grandma Cody enjoying hers
Lauren and Olivia enjoyed playing in the halls of the nursing home
And rolling...
Miles enjoyed time with his Great Great
I explained to Grandma that there is 100 years between the two of them
She still has the baby charm
Lauren loves the santa at the attached assisted living center where our other Great Great lives. 
Christmas with the Rouse clan, walking around in Nana's shoes
Christmas PJ time, might be fun to see them re-enact this is 20 years :)

Lauren wrote her first letter to leave for Santa

and some oats and carrots for the reindeer
look who came to Nana's house!!
He ate the cookies and left behind peanuts, what?? 
All the presents and a note from Santa and Willow (her elf)

socks...always an exciting present

Charlie and Lola book...for real?
Snagged this flower girl dress for her at a consignment sale for $3, she wore it the rest of Christmas day

She got new underwear too and was complaining all morning of wedgies, I finally investigated and discovered that she had them on sideways, the top was a leg hole!
Miles' favorite Christmas find

These presents are AWESOME!

Financially-geared Uncle Ryan got a baby bottle bank from us, no pressure guys!
When we got home, we opened our gifts to each other. Lauren was so happy to receive a hair dresser kit
The theme this year was BOOKS!

We have greatly enjoyed our break. I am dreading returning to work next week. We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!